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Welcome to Metrix!

Metrix is a centralized contact management system for non-profits, designed to help your organization track funders, clients, events, and much more. The Fund for the City of New York created Metrix after 20 years of developing database applications for nonprofits. We identified a set of common information management needs of small to mid-sized organizations, and have designed a system with the potential to streamline operations and save nonprofits thousands of dollars in software and support costs.

Metrix is community software. As such, it is distributed free of cost and and follows an open-source development model, so organizations are able to customize the application to meet their needs. Metrix consists of a user interface designed in Microsoft Access and a Microsoft SQL Server database. This combination provides stability and efficiency in multi-user environments. It is compatible with the free version of SQL Server, the Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE).

Here are some of the benefits of Metrix:

See this page for more information about how Metrix can help your organziation be more effective with its data.